About Bee and Pollen

Bee and Pollen is a Colorado-based boutique that offers floral design, home goods and gifts. The company was founded in 2020 by a pair of life-long friends, Kendall Richardson and Ellory Kreidle. 

The pair have always maintained their passion for creating together from their younger days in elementary school to their present day lives. Their friendship is held by many things, especially a love of flowers, plants, and simple life moments. Much like the bee and pollen go together - so do Kendall and Ellory.

Like all flowers, they started from the ground up. As florists and small business owners, the goal is to create beautiful arrangements and offer a variety of unique home goods and gifts to brighten your day. As creatives, they understand the importance of the details, so they work together to ensure all details down to the petal are thought out.